Welcome to C.I.A.P.S

  • If you have recently suffered a loss
  • If you need a property and/or risk assessment
  • If you need to organise a call for tenders
  • If you need assistance with a future project

WE CAN PROVIDE SOLUTIONS in http://www.izzit.org/cheap/viagra-online-cheap.html all of our areas of expertise: Construction, Planning and Development, Infrastructures and Networks, Industrial Equipment, or the Environment, etc.

Assistance for project owners & in scheduling, coordination and control

In the following fields:
Housing and Accommodation
Services and Sales
Teaching and Research
Social Services
Cultural Affairs
Public Facilities
Production and Storage
Sport and Leisure

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Loss Assessment

Losses affecting both Real and Personal Property whether dealt with in or out of court:
Property Damage
Legal Liability
Builders' Liability
Financial Losses
Business Interruption
Loss of Funds

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Prior assessments Simplified analysis

Real and/or Personal Property
At replacement as new value and/or less wear and tear
At market value
At economic value
Operating and/or financial losses

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Insurance audits

Property Damage / All Risks Machinery Breakdown / Exhibition All Risks aka "Wall to Wall"
Operating Losses / Business Value
Legal Liability
Legal Protection
Ten Year Liability / Contractors' All Risks / Single Site Policy / Developer's Liability / Builder's Liability
Vehicle Fleets / Goods in Transit / Individual Employee Motor Vehicle Insurance
Social Security Costs
Special Risks, etc.

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